Strawberry Smoothie


Strawberry smoothie

Sweet, creamy, and wonderfully refreshing, this strawberry smoothie with only 3 ingredients is going to be your favorite drink during the hot months. And although it is very healthy, it tastes like sin. A great way to start the day and take advantage of a serving of fruit.

Why using Strawberries in a smoothie?

To have strawberries throughout the year, what we usually do is buy a large quantity of them, and freeze them. Afterward, we take out the ones we need to make the smoothies.

Next, we add the milk. I generally use skim milk or soy milk, but as we mention below, you can add whatever milk you have at home.

Making strawberry smoothie perfect

The secret ingredient that gives the smoothie the flavor of a cake, the butter extract. It is not easy to find, especially in normal supermarkets. But if you can order it on web pages specialized in baking. We buy it from the Wilton brand, but you can buy the brand you want.

So, in a matter of a few minutes, our strawberry smoothie will be ready to drink, giving us a protein boost and a whole piece of fruit for the day.

Although being cold it is more desirable in summer, it can be taken every day of the year. You can also use a mixture of different berries or red fruits if you want to add more color or vary the flavor a bit.

PRO TIP: To make it a deep pink color, add some raspberries.

Step-by-step preparation:

  1. We add all the ingredients in the glass of the blender, in the order, they are listed, and pulse the turbo until smooth.
  2. We serve in a glass and drink immediately.


  • Any milk works fine. Both cow and vegetable. You just have to use the one you have in the fridge.
  • If you don’t have butter extract and it is very difficult to get it, you can substitute vanilla extract. Obviously, the flavor is not the same, but at least we will be giving the smoothie some flavor.
  • The recipe can be doubled or tripled to serve more.