Detox Carrot, Green and Hemp Seeds Smoothie

detox carrot green hemp seeds smoothie

Detox Carrot, Green and Hemp Seeds Smoothie

This detox Carrot and green smoothie is a nutrition and health power house ready to charge your body right away. Tired after workout, or a long night of work? This powerful and full of health glass of smoothie is the answer to your energy shortage. A quic’sky when it comes to healthy recipes. Just put together all the ingredients and its ready to give you fuel for a full day.

Nutritional value of detox Carrot and green smoothie

Breaking down the nutritional value of Detox Carrot and green smoothie ingredients will lay out its immediate benefits. How and when to consume this smoothie is entirely depends upon your individual need. Do you want to use it as a detox? Go get this Detox Smoothie right away in the morning before workout (only if you work out in the morning unlike me).

detox carrot green hemp seeds smoothie

Detox Carrot Green and Hemp Seeds Smoothie as a filler between meals

You can have this Carrot, Greens, and Hemp Seeds smoothie as a filler too in between meals. If you want a healthy post-workout smoothie you can add your favorite protein powder. Adding a protein powder will definitely give it a post-workout energy boost.

A Quicky; easy to make and Go

Detox Carrot, Green, and Hemp Seeds Smoothie is easy to make the quick recipe. Carrots and hemp seeds provide a fiber-based texture and greens give a silky-smooth texture. Which green you decide to use in this smoothie is entirely up to your discretion I am using spinach, celery, and fresh rosemary in this smoothie.


Benefits of Carrots

The benefits of carrots are something we grow up with. From school meals to home dinner veggies. Carrots are like the usual side of every main course we have at dinner. Full of vitamin B and other essential minerals. High fiber and low calories properties make carrots a favorite among smoothie lovers. Mixing in carrots in smoothies adds extra flavor, color, and texture.

spinach for carrot green hemp seeds smoothie

Vegetables are a lot easier to sip

Vegetables are a lot easier to sip than eat. It saves us a lot of chewing hassle and prep time is a bonus. Imagine cutting and eating celery, spinach, and rosemary altogether in a bowl, difficult right? Here is a lot easier and more compact option. Cut all these vegetables into 1-inch pieces with this super sharp knife. Put all these pieces into a mixer and you are good to go.

hemp seeds

Why using Hemp in Detox Carrot and green smoothie ?

let me explain why hemp over other seeds? Hemp is among the most nutritionally healthy complete food available and is full of Omega 3, 6, and 9 Essential Fatty Acids. It is additionally a superb wellspring of protein. To get the best out of hemp it should be completely washed and it is generally expected a smart thought to splash the seeds for 8-12 hours to begin germination, and maybe even to grow them as this can build nutrient readiness.

Ingredients for Detox Carrot and green smoothie :

  • 40-50g of Hemp seeds (preferably germinated)
  • 4 Medium Carrots
  • 100g Spinach
  • 2 Sticks of Celery
  • Fresh Rosemary (optional)


A small amount of hemp is to be placed in the feeding chamber of the smoothie maker and pressed down with harder produce. To make a complete balance of the hemp it is best to re-feed the pulp once or twice.

Mix all the ingredients well to your relish.