Banana Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

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Banana Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

Nothing could be healthier than freshly made banana oatmeal pancakes. How about doing the all-prep work the night before? So, you could just jump out of bed and beat the batter for banana oatmeal pancakes. It seems like an awesome idea for a Sunday morning breakfast. Not only making these pancakes will give you a healthy activity around family but leisure time too. Cooking has been therapeutic to many especially those who spent weekdays in hectic strict routines. Why not treat yourself a little with oatmeal pancakes when you can?

Prepping beforehand for oatmeal pancakes

After consecutive five weekdays of hassle and quick breakfasts, banana oatmeal pancakes offer a lighter but tastier treat. There’s a bonus in this recipe for you. This banana oatmeal pancake recipe doesn’t have oil or any kind of butter in it so you have as many as you like. if you are looking for a delicious pancake recipe check my easy and delicious pancakes. As you will be using an electric beater for batter making, this will make pancakes super fluffy and light. A plus; a treat to your tastebuds, you will literally find yourself in clouds, I promise. I made these delicious chocolate chip cookies with this beater and see how perfect they look.

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Get your prep ingredients straight

So here is the idea, just to make sure you keep everything handy, heading towards the nearest grocery store is all you need. Stop by a grocery store (only if you don’t have ingredients items already). Grocery shopping is another time well spent with kids and partners. Looking for the item walking through grocery store isles is so satisfying. I know many of you already loved it, but just to cover the exceptions I am sharing ideas. I do the same while preparing for custard with cookies.

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Two key ingredients for banana oatmeal pancakes

Two major ingredients which will go in banana oat pancakes are oats and unsweetened almond milk. Oats have naturally almost no to zero gluten and unsweetened almond milk will make sure you don’t bloat because of lactose. Using a combination of fresh berries and natural homey as toppings will ensure a balanced diet. Berries are full of nutrition and contain a lot of antioxidants and essential healthy skin.

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Super easy banana oatmeal recipe straight out of the blender

Using bananas, berries, and organic honey as toppings is just to make these pancakes more delicious and irresistible. Oatmeal pancakes are often seen as an option for sick but that’s the myth we are going to bust. Making pancakes is kind of a hassle itself. What if I tell you a recipe straight out of a blender? Exciting and super easy, right? Yes, it is. I’m going to explain step by step process of making these scrumptious banana oatmeal pancakes. The electrics blender will whip the batter as much as we need giving it a maximum fluff. A healthy gluten-free recipe without any added synthetic sweetness. 2o minutes of quick recipe where 10 minutes are for preparation and 10 minutes max for cooking time.

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Why a healthy option when we can have a tastier one?

Recent research published by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services claimed that an average American consumes 400 percent more sugar. According to NH DHHS, a normal healthy person should not get more than 10 percent of calories from sugar in a single day. What we are consuming? An average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar a year’s revealing 42.5 teaspoons instead of recommended 13.3. Or on the safe side just 13.

With all this overwhelming information what options are we left with? Or rather healthy but as tasty as normal sweeter pancakes. I will be using organic options so those will be more promising and tastier.

Healthiest pancake recipe with no added sugar, bleached flour, or synthetic butter. Just goodness of nature. This means these banana oatmeal pancakes will be awesome for kids too.

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I am using fully ripped bananas, organic free-range eggs, and almond or soya milk (whatever tastes better to you), vanilla extract, and steel-cut rolled oats, baking powder, and non-iodized normal sea salt. Adding a pinch of cinnamon at the end in the batter will do the magic.

• Fully ripe banana 2
• Organic golden eggs 2
• Unsweetened almond milk ½ cup
• Organic Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
• Organic rolled oats (gluten-free) 1 ½ cup
• Baking powder 2 tspn
• Grounded cinnamon ½ teaspoon
• Sea salt ¼ tspn

When to eat oaty banana pancakes – Breakfast or post-workout meal?

Consumption of these ‘pancakes is entirely upon you. These oatmeal healthy pancakes can be utilized as a post-workout meal. With a lot of natural fiber and loads full of protein in each serving, these pancakes are not only healthy but satisfying.

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Step by step instruction for making banana oatmeal pancakes

  • Putting together the batter for these banana oatmeal pancakes is far easier than your usual pancakes.
  • Just get all the ingredients together and put them in a bowl.
    Now you can mix everything together with this super powerful beater.
  • You can also choose to put all ingredients in my favorite electric blender to avoid using a bowl.

PRO TIP: let the pancake mixture sit in the blender for a while to settle and let the air bubbles burst

  • Heat choice of your oil I usually use organic pressed olive or coconut oil.
    Spread a very small amount over a non-stick pan and turn on the stove on medium flame.
  • Drop 1/3 cup of pancake mixture one at a time. Cook for about a couple of minutes on each side or unless beautiful golden brown.

PRO TIP: look for tiny bubbles on edge. This is the sign that one side in is sufficiently done.

  • Flip and cook for the other side.

Serving options

These delicious pancakes can be served with fresh berries, the fruit of your choice and for kids, you may add in chocolate or strawberry syrup

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Keeping banana oatmeal pancakes warm

Want to keep your banana oatmeal pancakes warm for kids? Or you just make a larger batch a couple of hours earlier. Here is a hack to keep these warm. Heat your conventional baking oven with a fan up to 200°f and place already made pancakes in it. Make sure pancakes are at room temperature not right straight from the pan as heat inside pancakes will make them soggy inside the oven heat.

Can I freeze these banana oatmeal pancakes for later?

Let’s address the big question of storing a batch full of healthy banana oatmeal pancakes in the freezer. Place all pancakes at half an inch distance on top of the wire tray. Put the try inside the blast freezer and remove pancakes as soon as they don’t stick with one another. Get all pancakes in an air-tight jar or Ziploc bag. Save up to use for around 12 weeks.
Let me know here if you try this recipe at home and how it turned out, hopefully as perfect as shown here. Or comment below to let me know.

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These pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast quick fix and I would love to hear back from you on this.


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