About Us

Hola Foodgridian!!!! Meet Santi & Team

Hi, I am Santi, a pure Foodgridian at heart and a recipe enthusiast. Right, when my tears or pain was not a matter, I suddenly realized the love of food at 6 years old. Usual scars, scratches, or siblings’ rivalry seems to disappear as soon as Granny offers her iconic chocolate chip cookies. I can smell the same sweetness even today.

That’s how powerful food memories are engraved and that’s the very reason I have started this blog. To celebrate my love of food. To appreciate how the slightest change in the order of ingredients can impact the overall outlook of a recipe.

Before posting any recipe here at foodgrid.co I make to try it my self at home. To give my visitors authentic foolproof methods at home.

Consist of a small team as the Founder of foodgrid.co and content creator there is one marketer and one social media manager. We make sure to cover all our bases well for our Foodgridies.

Currently experimenting with a range of recipes from around the world including Galician Octopus, Lemon Mousse, and an extended guide on How to braise beef perfectly at home?

Interested in writing for us? Occasionally we create sponsored posts for brands that are a good fit for foodgrid.co. Send us a quick email for more info!